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(in)courage is a virtual living room where we build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage.

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  1. Is there any discount code available on the Kobo ebook? I’d love to have the ebook to read and follow along.

  2. Love the journaling pages! I am excited to fill them with my jumbled thoughts. THANK YOU

  3. This website is SO CONFUSING! When I go to the signup page for this book club and click the signup link, it takes me newsletter email subscriptions, not the book club! I’m now on this page, but is this the book club page? WHY ARE THESE WEB PAGES SO POORLY DESIGNED?

    • Hi Laura – so sorry for the confusion! The sign up for our book club is in fact the same as our email list – signing up there simply ensures that you never miss a book club post. We have two main categories for our blog posts – our main page for our regular contributors and guest post authors, and our book club page for our Recommended Reads program and book clubs. If there is anything more we can do to help, please feel free to email us at incourage@dayspring.com!

  4. I want to participate and went to forum link. I created an account and it wont let me login. It just hangs when i press login. I have used a chrome browser and safari browser on an ipad air. Can you help?