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  1. Lisa-Jo,
    What a beautifully inspiring video/poem to start me day!! I especially love the part where you say that we are “preapproved” – so true. And, “if this Kingdom is a co-op and not a competition.” Wow, what if we REALLY lived life as a co-op and not a competition, the world would be a much different place! Words can build up and they can tear down. Thank you for using your gift of words to truly encourage me here this morning. On a great note…I will start my day…
    Blessings to you,

  2. And this post is why I love starting my day with my girlfriends at (in)courage! Encouraging one another so as we go about our day our faces can be radiant in His love for us through the promises of His Word! Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful video & what a lovely poem. You truly are a “wordsmith”!
    Thank you for creating & then sharing this gift.

  4. Oh, poetic sister, I love your words. I love how life is a coop, not a competition. I love how scared is the new brave. And I love how I am free to tell you so. And we can lift each other up to HIM–because HE is able to give us the strength and grace to keep loving others well. Please know that I am lifting you up to Him today.

  5. Lisa-Jo

    I could listen to you all day long! Words matter a lot! We need to encourage and build up each other not tear down! Christ wrote a lot about our words–especially taming the tongue (James).

    I need encouragement daily! That is one reason I come here to (IN) Courage!

  6. Beautiful from the first line to the last, and your voice and expression just enhance it 1,000-fold!