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  1. I thought recycling cans and bottles was all I needed to do…. after reading about being a steward instead of a consumer… wow… GOD have mercy… We can accumulate so much…. and not even regard what we are doing…. Time for change….

  2. I’ve been thinking about the plastic containers I use to store leftover food. What I would prefer is glass and the reason for that is the chemicals that make up the plastic might be leaching into the food itself. So I have it in the back of my mind to slowly replace the plastic with glass, which would probably have plastic lids but I think I could tolerate that much. You might think leftover is waste but we do use them or…the dogs eat it. Either way, its not wasted. I also make my own hummus so I need something to store it in. My son’s fiance bought us a water cooler on Craig’s List real cheap, thus eliminating plastic bottles. We have the hard plastic bottles that we fill up so we can use those. Plus it cut down the cost of water by a lot! Our tap water tastes horrible. You can’t drink it. Yuk! So that’s why we have the water cooler.

  3. My house is a moving camp now. I’m half-way finished with my grandson’s bedroom and many full containers are in the garage waiting for at least another 4 containers of 10 or 18 gallons of clothes, shoes, purses and other stuff ready for the garage sales of this October. I’m keeping my promise of every day work for one hour to throw away papers, magazines, and parafernalia in the barrels. My gray recycling barrel is receiving everything I know I won’t find use anymore.

    The reading of Seven is behind but through the blogs and videos I play every night repeting them as it pleases me I keep the focus. I want my house light and organized as at old times. I don’t need to be a hoarder or a keeper of unnecessary things.