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  1. I was going to guess Sarah Markley before I read all of your guesses … this does seem like Ann

  2. Smiling here … thinking …THIS “opening doors” encouragement …sure is resounding with Holley’s glimpse of prayer with Ann… early on this year to “Just Open the Door Anyway” !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    “Fear is nothing to be afraid ofβ€”it’s just the door we push through to get to the other side.” (Holley Gerth and Ann Voskamp) printouts
    … sounds like some great counsel for my own heart, mind and soul.
    These sweet soul sisters sure have something great going on with all that wonderful encouragement, bravery, catching God’s glory all over the place… and remembering to give thanks after taking even just one of those steps through the wide open doors as God nudges.
    …..If you listen carefully your can hear the ol’ door hinges creak ….then,your own steps crunching along the holy ground ahead…
    …could be wrong…but that’s ok … not like there’s a secure lock on that door, anyway:)
    Then again ,could be that sweet Ann taking some Godly counsel from from her dear friend Holley.
    Perhaps these two are in on this one together as well !!! Now just HOW great would that be !!??!!